Blackout Britain will wake us up to Energy Crisis

Harvey Sinclair’s commentary on the Olympic chief’s energy crisis article receives press coverage.…

“John Armitt’s argument that only nationwide power cuts will awaken the government from their slumber of ignorance surrounding the nation’s energy crisis, is depressingly accurate.

As John highlights, with the recently proposed Hinckley power station not generating until 2023, we need to ask what will happen when we run out of power by 2015. The benefits of energy conservation measures need to be felt now otherwise the future will be a dark one.

The government must start encouraging businesses to focus on investing in technology to reduce energy consumption for the long term, such as LED energy efficient lighting and solar panels. Furthermore, with recent research claiming that 83 per cent of businesses will not meet their growth targets due to the current rising energy costs, it is evident something needs to be done now.

Lighting accounts for 19% of the nation’s energy usage in the UK, with up to 75% of it being used wastefully. Even a simple switch to energy efficient LED lighting would mean not only a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions across the UK economy but also lower energy costs for British businesses.”

Harvey Sinclair, Partner, Energy Works PLC


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