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Recycling and its use

Originally posted on Facts About Recycling and Energy Savings:
As the human population is increasing, the needs for the people are also increasing. But the point of concern is that are there enough natural resources to service all your needs. What if these resources finish, this is one thing we need to ponder upon. We…

Clean Tech company deploys £10m to fund energy efficient lighting Part of the growing trend of ‘clean tech’ companies aimed at creating energy efficiency solutions, Energy Works PLC provides Light as a Service by retrofitting LED lighting to your estate to improve upon existing lighting and unlock hidden profit. With £100m of project finance to deploy over the next three years, we are looking […]

How Energy Works can work for you

Our energy saving LED installations are based on a very simple concept. Pay nothing up-front and receive a cutting edge, high performance LED lighting solution, which will guarantee to improve your existing lighting and immediately unlock hidden profit.Our business model is simple and straightforward. We take a share of the energy savings enabled by our […]

Energy Works creates new energy efficiency fund

Press Release, 16 July 2013 Lietcorp partner to create new energy efficiency fund, Energy Works, with access to £100m in financing. After 12 months of detailed negotiations Lietcorp has secured a partnership with a number of high profile private equity investors to create a new energy efficiency fund. The new business is called Energy Works […]

Lietcorp launches new Liet Space product

Liet Space Area & car parking LED lighting system Liet Space is a complete LED area lighting luminaire system. Designed for use in the most demanding environments and to provide 60,000 hours plus lighting performance at class-leading efficiency. Utilising Lietcorp’s proven Controlsmart™ driver technology together with advanced Cooldrive™ engineering Liet Space delivers a robust and […]