Sustainability Lights the Way for Business DECEMBER 21, 2014 BY ARABIAN GAZETTE It was recently announced that Dubai will be the first Middle Eastern city to host a World Expotrade convention, which happens in 2020.With sustainability set to be one of the three core themes at the event, the World Expo site will be built using […] Harvey Sinclair’s commentary on the Olympic chief’s energy crisis article receives press coverage.… “John Armitt’s argument that only nationwide power cuts will awaken the government from their slumber of ignorance surrounding the nation’s energy crisis, is depressingly accurate. As John highlights, with the recently proposed Hinckley power station not generating until 2023, we […] Energy Price Hikes Cause Havoc With Businesses by Louise Bateman Business are facing lower growth prospects and are considering cutting the number of people they employ because of energy price increases, according to a new survey. The vast majority – 83 per cent – of organisations say they will not meet business growth targets […]

Lietcorp International announced as Finalist in Bgreen Awards. Lietcorp International has been nominated as a finalist for ‘Sustainable Lighting Project of the Year’ by Bgreen Magazine’s Bgreen Awards. In its third year, the BGreen Awards ceremony is the biggest awards night in the GCC’s sustainability sector and this year will be held at the […]

Four-fifths of property companies predict they will fail to meet their growth targets because of soaring energy prices. Research by Energy Works, a £100m fund to retrofit buildings with energy-efficient LED lighting, shows that 78% of businesses in the property sector believe rising energy costs will hamper their growth, and more than 71% expect to […]

Welcome to the eco audit Energy and climate change secretary Edward Davey has described agreement with Frenchand Chinese contractors to build the UK’s first nuclear power station since 1995 as an “excellent deal for Britain and British consumers”. Davey and prime minister David Cameron said the Hinkley Point C station would provide energy security for Britain and form the foundation […]

by Suzie Neuwirth October 28, 2013 THE CARBON tax should be scrapped before it makes domestic energy supplies more expensive than imports, city analysts at Macquarie warned over the weekend. The UK government’s levy on coal and gas, which is called the carbon price floor, was implemented earlier this year and encourages firms to invest in […]